Step 5

Viewing Offers & Negotiating Terms

At long last, our hard work has paid off.  We are presented with an offer by a qualified buyer. Presenting this offer can happen in one of two ways:

  • The buyer’s representative can drop the offer off to us, share a little information about the buyer and let us present the offer to you.
  • Or the buyer’s representative can request a meeting time with us to present the offer to you on behalf of the buyers.

Either way, we will most likely arrange for that meeting to take place at our Dynamic Properties office.  As your representative, we will introduce everyone and thank the buyer’s agent for his or her efforts in bringing us this offer.  We will futher outline how this meeting will unfold.

Letting a professional handle your negotiations may prevent some embarrassments and save you lots of money!

The buyer’s agent will be given time to present an offer. You, as the seller, will have time to ask any questions you might have, or request any clarifications you might deem necessary. When you feel you understand the buyer’s offer, we will ask the buyer’s agent to leave, indicating we will contact them as soon as we have an answer for their clients.


At that point, we will review the offer together. We can present you with an estimate of what you will receive at closing if you were to accept this offer and we will review and discuss the terms of the contract. If the offer is not acceptable, we will counter back with a price and/or terms that are acceptable. Keep in mind that your property is still on the market. Another buyer could step in and offer you an acceptable price and terms which you are free to accept. Until you sign off on a contract, you are free to review and accept other offers.

At the moment we reach an agreement with a buyer and you have accepted and signed off on the offer, we will stop advertising your home and we will not continue seeking other buyers. At that point, we will consider your home sold.

Most offers will have built into them items you will not like. That’s normal; your buyer is just testing the waters. We might add he is doing so at his own risk. Remember, you are free to accept another offer in the meantime. It is a policy of first come, first serve!

Please use the form below for any questions you may have.

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