Step 6

Home Inspections

The Buyer Hires A Home Inspection Service

Within about fifteen days from the time you accept your buyer’s offer, it will be the buyer’s responsibility to hire a home inspection service to conduct an inspection on your home and make known any defects or problems discovered. At the completion of the inspection the buyer will submit to you as the seller any items that need to be repaired. Items that are noted in home inspection report as “Health or Safety” items are non-negotiable and must be fixed. For example, if it were discovered there was an electrical problem which could cause a fire or shock, the bank would take the position that they could not finance the home in its present condition. On the other hand, if it were a cosmetic issue being requested by the buyer, the buyer is out of line. Any and all cosmetic issues should have been included in the terms of the initial offer.

Unfortunately, too many home inspectors don’t know what their responsibilities and duties are. We want an inspection to tell us if we have any hidden problems. He need not comment on the carpet being worn or soiled. The buyer already knows that. He should report on what shape is the electrical system in, are there any problems with the plumbing, or is the heating system up to code?

The home inspector will make an extensive check of your home to make sure there are no hidden defects!

Home inspection services are now required to be licensed and there are specific standards that are to be up held. Even so, there are home inspection services that you do not meet the standards. That’s why we dictate that you as the seller give your O.K. as to who the buyer uses for the home inspection. This step can save you a lot of heartache, money and possibly your deal!

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