Step 3

Showing Off Your Home

With value established and a selling game plan now in place, step three is showing the home. The single most important point here to keep in mind is that we have just one chance to give the prospective buyer a positive impression of your home. By paying attention to little details, you can expect to be richly rewarded.

  • We believe that this is so important that Team Mr Real Estate will even pay for the services of our “Staging Coordinator” to show you how you can best present your home to the buying public and increase the appeal of your home.

This following check list will help you take note of some things you might want to address. View your property now through the eyes of a prospective buyer. What little things can you do to your property to increase eye appeal?

There maybe some corrective maintenance that you may want to perform on your property that otherwise could be an appraisal issue. There may be other items that are simply cosmetic in nature. Repair items that are an appraisal issue will need to be dealt with in order for a lender to lend money towards the property. Items that are cosmetic are items that you may want to have addressed to enhance eye appeal but are not mandatory from the view of the lender.

I.  Foundation & Masonry

  • Check basement/crawl space for dampness and leakage.
  • Check foundation walls, steps, retaining wall, walks, patios, driveways, garage floors, etc. for cracks, heaving and crumbling.
  • Check chimneys for deteriorated chimney caps or loose and missing mortar.
  • Maintain grading sloped away from foundation walls.

II.  Roofs and Gutters

  • Check for damaged, loose or missing shingles.
  • Check for leaking, misaligned or damaged gutters, downspouts.
  • Clean gutters, window wells, drains. Be sure downspouts direct water away from foundation.
  • Cut back tree limbs growing on or over roof.
  • Check antenna supports for sturdiness.
  • Check flashing around roof stack, vents, skylights, chimneys.
  • Check vents, louvers and chimneys for birds nests, squirrels, or insects.
  • Check fascias (a flat, horizontal board enclosing the overhang under the eave) and soffits for paint flaking, leakage and decay.

III. Exterior Walls

  • Check painted surface for paint flaking or paint failure.
  • Check siding, shingles and trim for damage, looseness, warping and decay.
  • Check exterior masonry walls for cracks, looseness, missing or broken mortar.
  • Cut back and trim shrubbery against sidewalls.

IV. Doors and Windows

  • Check caulking for decay around doors, windows, corner boards, joints, and caulk as needed.
  • Check glazing putty around windows.
  • Check weather stripping.

V. Electrical

  • Trip circuit breakers every six months and ground fault interrupters (GFI) monthly.
  • Mark and label each circuit.

VI. Plumbing

  • Check faucets, hose bibs and valves for leakage.
  • Check for leaks at sink and house traps and sewer cleanouts.
  • Draw off sediment in water heaters monthly.
  • Have septic tank cleaned every 2 years.

VII. Heating

  • Check and replace furnace filters as needed.
  • Clean and service humidifier.
  • Clean around furnace and hot water heater.

VIII. Interior

  • Check bathroom tile joints, tub grouting & caulking. Make sure that tile joints are kept well sealed.
  • Check underside of roof for water stains, leaks and dampness in attics and around chimneys.

Good impressions are lasting impressions. Good impressions will keep your property on top of the prospective buyer’s list of desirable properties. Over the years we have seen clean, well cared for homes chosen over homes that should have been chosen but were left out in the cold simply because they lacked that positive, good first impression. Simply put, a positive first impression cannot be over emphasized. It truly is worth the effort!

Additional Tips:

Don’t be present when the home is shown. The prospective buyer is not at ease with you present. They will be reluctant to open doors, snoop around or even ask questions. The buyer will be hesitant to make comments as to likes or dislikes.

When you leave the home, leave all the lights on even in the summer.

Leave the kitchen and bath rooms as spotless as possible.

If possible remove all animals or at least place them in one room.

Empty litter boxes and spray a scent in litter box area to get rid of any animal orders.

Leave window coverings open. Make sure the beds are made and the toys put away.

Make sure the closets are not crammed full. If necessary put unused items in storage. Don’t allow rooms to feel crowed or stuffed with furniture. Again, if needed put extra items into storage.

Shovel the snow and make sure the walk ways are free or ice. Mow the yard, trim the bushes. Put some flowers in the front of the home. In the winter, put some flowers on the kitchen table.

In short, go out of your way to give your home that little something extra. It will be worth the effort. People warm up to a home that has the appearance and feel of being well cared for. Just being in the home gives the visitor warm and pleasant feelings.

We’re trying to describe intangibles at this point and we hope that you get the point. Leave the family pictures up. If they have been on the walls for a number of years consider giving the new buyer a paint allowance. By presenting your home as something special, your prospective buyer will, in turn, perceive your home to be special.

A house is just a building. A home is where a family lives. Just remember when we present your property to prospective buyers we are presenting a “Home”!

One more thing, our Staging Coordinator can come into your home and pick up on problem furniture arrangements, odors and the like that you don’t recognize or even know exist. This is especially true of pet odors or hobby or exercise activities. Our job will be to allow you to be aware of potential problems and give suggestions as to how best handle or treat them.

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