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Which Repairs Should Be Made?

If you’re preparing to place your home on the market, it’s inevitable that you’ll need a couple of minor repairs and slight improvements before that “For Sale” sign can be driven into the front yard.

Practical projects like a fresh coat of paint require little time or money but can make your home more attractive — and more attractive homes are likely to sell faster and for more money.

But what if an item needs repair, something which doesn’t jeopardize anyone’s health or safety — a problem of the “out of sight, out of mind” variety. Should you simply disclose it and leave the buyer to deal with the problem? Or should you fix it before placing your home on the market?

Showing Off Your Home

The single most important point here to keep in mind is that we have just one chance to give the prospective buyer a positive impression of your home.  By paying attention to little details, you can expect to be richly rewarded.  The following is a check list you might want to go through.

The following check list will help you take note of some things you may want to address.  View your property now through the eyes of a prospective buyer.  What little things can you do to your property to increase eye appeal?

No Show Owner(s)

It’s 6:30 p.m. on a lazy Sunday evening. You’ve finished dinner, washed the dishes and settled in front of the television, when the telephone rings. Your REALTOR® has an opportunity to show your home to an out-of-town buyer who’s stopping by a few more properties before catching a late flight out of town.

Should you hang around while the buyers go through your home? Or should you head out for a frozen yogurt or take the dog for an extra walk? Making yourself scarce and letting your agent show your home is in your best interest. Here are a few reasons why:

Determining Market Value

Real estate value is not based on how much one paid or how much has been invested in remodeling. Value is not established by how much the seller needs out of said sale. Value is not set by the seller, the buyer, the real estate Professional, the lender or even the appraiser. In reality, value of your home is set by the market.

Pricing Guidelines

The value of your property is determined by what a ready, willing and able buyer will pay for it in the open market and that value is up held by a fee appraisal.  The basis of your home’s value is the nearby, recently closed sales of comparable homes.

4 Things Buyers Don’t Want to Hear

As your listing licensee, it is not my job to make your listing be all things to all people — but you do want it to appeal to enough buyers that you get one great offer (and multiple offers never hurt anybody, either). That said, you don’t want your listing to be the property that nearly every buyer and broker sees, rolls their eyes at, and utters the same few, predictable, deal-killing criticisms.

Fortunately, what is predictable is avoidable. Unfortunately, many of the things that make a listing susceptible to being buyer rejected, are issues on the seller’s side of the property preparation responsibilities. Let’s explore the most common things buyers complain about when they view a home.

Shocking Hidden Costs

Hidden closing costs can be a “SHOCKING” experience.  In selling your home, there are selling costs to consider and understand! The following list is just a short over‐view of closing costs that can affect your bottom line:


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